trading - capital markets

we do our trading only and just for ourselves, using our methodology comprised of mathematical/statistical model. our methods, systems and applications are solely for our own use. we employ technical, discipline and bold trading strategies.

collective achievement and personal enrichment are essential to our business. we place a high premium on integrating diverse ideas across projects, disciplines, methods, and technologies. the energy that emanates from our culture continues to drive high levels of motivation and accomplishment.


we look for differentiated and diversified alternative offerings on our investment strategies

every person counts!

knowledge & skill

with experience comes knowledge and skill. our team puts all our experience to work for you and your interests


having fun and maintaining a balance. whether in the office or out as a group, we’re always cultivating our firm’s spirit

instruments we use
  • equities and equity options
  • equity indexes - equity index options
  • commodities - interest rates - foreign exchange
  • derivatives - futures - options on futures
  • exchange traded investments (etfs) - etf options
  • cash bonds

as detail matters